10 Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Benefits of Online Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Marketing is a special act of getting connected with potential customers with the goal to convince them in purchasing their products or even subscribing to their services. Truly, marketing is one of the main activities which each and every business should partake because it is a proven fact that no business is able to survive unless and until they have proper marketing or publicity strategies.

Digital marketing undoubtedly has taken the world by storm and it is being carried out by using internet for promoting their services or goods.  Today, in this digital era, billions of people spend maximum of their time poking around the digital platforms. Almost all types of businesses too are aware of this fact and also leverage on huge popularity of all these evolving platforms in order to promote their products or services.  Since marketing is about connecting with the customers at right time, at the right place and if the clients are huge in number online, then surely it is where they must explore.

Irrespective of the kind of business, be it a restaurant or an application development company, you may benefit hugely from employing online marketing services. The advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing also are immense. Here we go:

Low cost

The cost of marketing as well as advertising is one of the main financial burdens that all businesses need to accept. While top notch businesses may not face difficulty to invest millions just for marketing purpose, for the startups, this may not be possible at all. In such scenario, marketing through digital platforms indeed is a better option than traditional marketing. It can create better impact on the targeted customers and yet the cost too is quite low. In other words, with just few bucks in hand, any one may easily subscribe to email marketing provider and also send direct or transactional emails to umpteen number of clients on the mailing list.

Maximum ROI

Simply nothing matters more to any business than return on investment that it makes. Online marketing provides substantial return on small investments. Sending promotional emails or even running ad campaigns on social media platforms cost little as compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Develops brand image

All businesses may use the popular digital platforms in order to develop the brand’s image as well as reputation. A dynamic website, the blog featuring informative as well as quality articles, the social media channel that is interactive are some of the best ways through which any business may build its own brand.

Easily measurable

The success of any digital marketing campaign may be easily ascertained. Unlike traditional marketing strategy where one needs to wait for several months or weeks in order to assess the success of the campaign, with online campaign you can immediately find how the online ad is actually performing.

Coming to digital marketing campaign, Google Analytics is an effective tool that can be used to measure particular goals to be achieved on a blog or website. Google AdWords manager helps you to track the ad’s performance on the Google search. For example, you can find out the total number of people who have viewed the ad and also know about the conversion rates.

Highly adjustable:

The knowledge of performance of an online advertisement may inform the business on how exactly to proceed. If the ad is performing well, it is quite easy to spend more money on it just with one click. However, for the ad that is not doing well, it may be also adjusted accordingly or even stopped easily.

No such thing happens in case of traditional marketing. In fact, it is more rigid as ample documents need to be signed and in maximum cases, the agreement also is on a long term basis. Therefore, even if the campaign fails to perform as per expectation, the subscribers need to wait for full expiration of the stipulated time.

Easy to share:

The popular digital marketing channels feature effective sharing capabilities that help the campaigns to be shared with several followers. This can create multiplier effect and also has the capability to increase sales output like never before.

Accurate targeting of customers:

In the case of traditional marketing, the advertisement runs over a particular platform with considerable reach with the expectation that a few individuals who like what they see, read or hear would make a positive approach. On the other hand, marketing on digital platforms allows targeted campaigning where the advertisements are presented to the customers based on their preferences or initial action.  For example, emails will be sent to the customers by following their action towards business. In fact, customers only get what actually they want.

Social media platforms possess smart algorithm that actually studies as well as collates the user preferences so that specified advertisement campaigns are only shown to the targeted users. This rightly increases the likelihood of sales and further curtails on the marketing cost.


Now the world has been transformed into global village and it has been possible through digitization. This type of marketing allows the ad campaigns to remain visible in any corner of the world. This even gives startups global exposure in no time. In fact, the internet is flooded with the stories of the startups that became successful within a short period of time because of the opportunities developed thanks to the global nature of advertising or marketing through diverse online platforms.

Effective segmentation:

Effective marketing over the online platforms not only helps the campaigns to be targeted to the specific clients but also help in customer segmentation. Undoubtedly segmentation is a process where huge customer groups are broken down in smaller customer groups. This type of segmentation also helps to increase the chance of sales and even curtail the cost. For example, an e-commerce store that also has launched new offers for women’s clothing. Using online platforms providing, for example, email marketing services helps the business to send emails only to women.

Involves better engagement

The key to staying updated and relevant and also keeping the clients in the competitive business sphere is to ensure better engagement with the audience. Undoubtedly, effective marketing helps businesses to remain competitive as well as successful thereby engaging with the clients through diverse online media platforms. These platforms help the businesses to reply to the questions of the clients, remove misconceptions and also generate maximum sales. It may be easily achieved through appealing blog posts, promotions, and newsletters and so on. The best idea is to hold the attention of the customers for a prolonged period of time while developing the best reputation.Leverage the best of digital marketing strategies over the traditional ones and stand out big in the business world.

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