Best 11 Free Digital Marketing Tools You Must Be Aware Of

Free Best Digital Marketing Tools Available for You

Are you looking for the best tools to market your business online on a stringent budget? It is an undeniable fact that online marketing is the fast changing sector that is full with a plenty of free tools and help you achieve your online marketing objectives without burning hole in the pocket. Who on earth does not wish to stay ahead in the competitive field? Well, you will be utterly surprised to know how many great tools for online marketing out there that would help to achieve the targets and not cost you even a single penny. Below are a free 11 online marketing tools that any marketer must learn to excel in your career.
  1. Google Analytics tool
Known to be the most effective website performance as well as traffic monitoring tool available online at free of cost, Google Analytics tool helps to gain insights from how the users are interacting with your website. The moment you register for free, you are able to have access to seemingly innumerable data for any specified time after the installation. For instance, the report of Audience Overview highlights the total number of users who are visiting your website, the percentage of new users versus the returning users, the total number of time they actually spent on your website and many more. It’s just one report and there are multiple other reports that you may generate once you know the way around this interface.
  1. Test My Site Tool
It is incredibly the powerful tool provided by Google and it is also 100 percent free. With it, you can have the website’s speed as well as usability analysis by assessing Java script, HTML or CSS code, Viewport, readability of text, image compression and other diverse aspects of your site. It also helps you to know how the site performs on the mostly used cellular networking connection speed. Just type your site’ URL in this tool and find out the average time it actually takes your responsive website on 3G mobile networking connection, the total percentage of the traffic you are losing based on loading speed and also the comparison of how the website stacks against all your competitors. This free tool for online marketing offers free and impartial report outlining the action items in order to fix up all issues present in your website so as to boost the performance of your responsive website.
  1. Moz Keyword Explorer
In order to drive in maximum traffic to your website, your SEO tactic needs to be as good as the keywords stuffed in it. But how can you determine which particular phrases are best for you to be incorporated into your SEO strategy? Here comes the significance of a powerful digital marketing tool like Moz Keyword Explorer.  All you need is to type the relevant keyword you wish to evaluate, the specific location you wish to evaluate the term in, create the free account and then you will get hold of a keyword report absolutely at free of cost. This report helps to fetch the search volume month wise, organic click through rate, help to find where the keyword is worth the time or not, SERP analysis, keyword suggestions, and the number of times the keyword appears on the web and so on.While you will get ten keyword searches per month for free, this digital marketing tool may help you compare which are the keywords that can bring value to your SEO strategy and also which are the most convincing to be able to achieve rank and so on. 
  1. Hootsuite
For content scheduling on social media, having the best management tool that makes it quite easy to achieve everything you need in one place is indeed a priceless timesaver. Thinking what particular tool provides effective social media management features at free of cost past a trial period? Hootsuite is your best option. With this digital marketing tool, you can:
  • Create reports from insights as well as analytics
  • Find out relevant topics of conversation and hashtags
  • Interact with your target audience from the dashboard
  • Schedule the post in advance
  • View the scheduled content as a calendar, chart or a list
This tool effectively integrates with popular social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Hootsuite is absolutely free for the one using up to three social profiles as well as thirty scheduled messages. 
  1. SEM rush
This digital marketing tool is recommended for all those marketers who always look out for profitable as well as excellent traffic generating keywords. SEM rush has multiple features that can surely help you in multiple ways. Starting from keyword search and position, expected traffic generated from these keywords, backlinks, cost per click charged to the advertisers against particular keywords to information of the domain, options are quite a few with SEM rush. You may also identify the location-specific data for any particular keyword with this tool. 
  1. MailChimp
It is undeniably the most powerful as well as the simple-to-use platform for email marketing. With it, you may:
  • Develop automated email marketing campaigns
  • Find out the analytics as well as email insights
  • Develop personalized sign-up forms
  • Build the landing pages
  • Develop customized campaign designs along with drag or drop features or even ‘code-your-own’ feature
  • Preview what the emails will appear on the desktop as well as mobile devices
  • Manage the profiles of the subscribers
  • Produce subscriber reports individually and also list reports and so on
  • Integrate with the online store, website, and social accounts and so on.
  • Schedule all emails beforehand
  • Send the test emails to any address
  • Upload own graphics as well as images and also your email list and even segment list by location, subscriber type etc.
The best thing is that you may use this platform absolutely free for up to 2,000 subscribers and as many as 12,000 emails every month.
  1. Followerwonk
If you are looking for like-minded individuals or searching out for the influencers with their details like the total number of tweets, followers and so on, then Followerwonk is your ultimate solution. You may fetch relevant data from any profile on Twitter just by highlighting your preference in any area with various filter criteria. In this way, you can generate users’ data with details and also with the profile’s age. 
  1. Website Grader
 This free, simple and user-friendly interface requires only your email address and also your website’s URL and it will give you the complete information of your website including the website’s speed, mobile readiness, SEO ranking, website’s speed, performance and security level that is required for a dynamic website.  On the basis of outputs, you may tweak the website and keep you up-to-date. 
  1. All Hashtag
As a popular free online marketing tool, it makes it easy for you to discover the relevant as well as trending conversation on the hashtag-driven platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With three relevant search options, you may search for top hashtags that are widely used in the current times. The ‘live’ option highlights what is trending in recent times in relation to the search term. The random search option shows the most commonly used postscripts and also long tail hashtags associated with search term. In a nutshell, All Hashtags delivers an effective report with details of hundreds of relevant hashtags at free of cost that you may use to enhance both the reach of the content and also your presence on social media. 
  1. Google Alerts
Google Alerts, the popular free digital marketing tool, allows you to review all mentions of the name of your brand. Besides, you also can get notifications from the competitors and also the mentions of the sector’s name just by entering the keywords in the system. This tool sends you the email whenever the new web pages, articles or blogs make it in the top results of Google News, top ten blogs search and web search results on Google for any query. 
  1. Grammarly
 Captivating and flawless write-ups hold the readers’ attention in the best possible way. The more well-written as well as interesting content you write, the better the chances of linking as well as sharing of the content turn out to be. Grammarly is a popular digital marketing tool to check grammar and spellings and it rightly caters to your grammar and writing needs.Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker tool that provides you the solution for all your writing and grammar needs. You need to download the safari and Chrome toolbar of Grammarly and get your writing checked at any time. Whether you are writing a simple email or creating catchy social media post, it will help to detect the error in no time. That’s it. Explore these aforesaid free online marketing tools and take your digital marketing strategy to a new high.

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