Career Opportunities for Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital marketing is the most in-demand skill in India with vacancies for digital marketers available in almost every sector like IT, healthcare, retail, eCommerce and many more.  It is an undeniable fact that a digital marketing career is beneficial for you in 2019. In case you are still contemplating whether to go for a digital marketing career or not, then refer to our blog  7 Benefits Of Pursuing Digital Marketing Career.

Also, we have discussed in our previous blogs why digital marketing is so important for every business and why it is profitable over traditional marketing. So, now let’s discuss different career opportunities in digital marketing.

Career opportunities for freshers

As a fresher in the digital marketing field, you will have the following opportunities:

  1. Content writer – is responsible for developing SEO friendly and engaging content for websites and various online platforms for traffic and brand promotion.
  2. Content Marketer – is responsible for content marketing including blogs, PRs, ads, email communications, sales page copywriting, and drip marketing campaigns created by content writers for the purpose of marketing national and international brands.
  3. Digital Marketing Executive/Analyst – In this position you will be working under a senior digital marketer, assisting in various digital marketing activities to meet team and project goals.
  4. SEO executive - deals with website content optimization, indexing web pages, keyword research, keyword ranks, building quality links and handling on page and off-page SEO parameters of a website using relevant tools to boost traffic.
  5. Social media expert- are responsible to run paid advertisements on social media to improve traffic, leads, and sales. Again you have to connect and engage with the target audience across social media channels to boost brand identity online and increase website traffic.
  6. Search engine marketers – Play a vital role in by marketing via search engines, mainly Google Ad words and will be responsible for bid management, split testing the ad campaigns and increasing clicks of campaigns for generating high website traffic and sales.

There are many freshers, who have moved up to the hierarchical level by delivering desired results efficiently and meeting the business goals. You need to have around 5 years of experience before grabbing a senior level post.

Career Opportunities for Experienced Digital Marketers

Unlike beginners, experienced digital marketers have a wide variety of career opportunities. Once you have mastered in the digital marketing program and have gained sufficient experience you can easily apply for the senior-level post in top MNCs. You can be a senior digital marketer or project manager and above.

If you have a knack for blogging and well aware of SEO tactics and new website optimization trends, you can be an independent blogger.  Just purchase your domain and start with your own website. Once you get an AdSense approval you can monetize your blogs.

Freelancing is another coolest option for modern and tech-savvy employees.  You can start your career as a freelance digital marketer and collaborate with various companies for digital marketing projects. Independent freelancers enjoy the flexibility of time and target. Work and earn as you want! The sky is the limit as long as you produce quality work.

Independent bloggers and freelancers can take off from work whenever they want. You can complete your client’s work even when traveling. All you need is access to the internet, laptop, and digital marketing tools.    Cool isn’t it?

If you have more than ten years of experience in internet marketing, then you can also set up your own digital marketing agency and serve brands across domains. Your company will be a boon to new or startups that are eager to establish a strong online brand presence.

If you are specialized in one or more digital marketing branch-like SEO or SMO then you can opt to be an SEO manager, Vlogger, social media manager or affiliate marketer or YouTuber or digital marketing trainer/coach.

Don’t you think digital marketing career offers you plenty of career opportunities?

Can anyone learn digital marketing?

People commonly ask if a person with a history or economics background can start with a digital marketing career.  Well, anyone can start with this career irrespective of lifestyle, past work experience or academic background.

All you need is a passion for marketing and tech-savvy nature.  If you are genuinely ambitious to build a career in digital marketing, then join the best digital marketing training institute today!

Learn the most in-demand and kick start your career!

Hopefully, all your queries are addressed now. Stay tuned as we are coming up with more blogs relevant to digital marketing.

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