Top 3 Digital Marketing Tools For Successful Results

Digital marketing is the need of every business across the world irrespective of the size, domain, and complexity. Your target customers are online and your competitors too! Businesses that are not online or ranking high in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)  are considered as dead.

“It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.” – Jeff Bezos


What ensures the success of digital marketing campaigns?

Merely creating content, running campaigns, uploading social media posts is not enough!  With changing customer behavior, internet marketing is ever-evolving. An important element of digital marketing is to keep updated about the latest trends and technologies, that can help your business to grow.

There are certain tools that can ease your work and this blog highlights the top three tools that are must for every digital marketer.

Google Analytics Tool

If you want to win the digital race, then you must come up with innovative strategies to create content and campaigns. For that, you must know –

Who is visiting your site? What does the user like?  The pages that the user loved most?  Time of high traffic and location?


Google Analytics tool will address all your queries.

Once you know what your target audience wants you will develop smart strategies to drive more traffic, conversions, and leads.

Social Media Manager

There are multiple social media platforms and keeping track of every like, comment or progress of campaigns is an arduous job.  No doubt Facebook is helping wonderfully as an in-house management tool. But more tools are required to manage other social media channels.

Thanks to Hootsuite, Buffer and other tools, which automate the scheduling of posts and campaigns.  You can enjoy your sleep while these tools post your content at 3 am without your presence.  Time-saving and hassle-free. Isn’t it?

Website  Speed Test tool

Customer spends a longer time on websites that are easy to navigate and access on mobile/laptop/tablets. Page loading speed is the crucial factor that determines traffic and conversions!

If your web page is too slow, the user will never visit again, which increases the bounce rate and decreases clicks and traffic. Fast loading website with impressive UX/UI design is the door to immersive user experience.

Time and conversions both are precious!

So, use tools like WebPageTest, GooglePageSpeed Insights to check out your website speed on a regular basis!

Wrap up

If you want to be successful in your digital marketing endeavors, you must learn about different digital marketing tools. You can also go for digital market training to master skills like SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click marketing and social media marketing. If you do not have digital marketing skills of your own, you may hire professional SEO or PPC marketing service providers to gain targeted and relevant traffic and ROI.

Hope you liked the information! Stay tuned as we are coming up with more interesting blogs for you. If you’re looking for digital marketing course click here!

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